Extremely delicious! They were super easy to make, so I would recommend this if you have kids. I didn't like the idea of adding boiling water to the mix so changed it to 2 tbsp of milk instead and they have come out delicious. Such an easy recipe - really light and fluffy. nice and I highly recommend xoxo, I made it at my home and it was delicious . Will definitely try again with better cases this time! Not moist and not chocolatey enough. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/Fan 160°C/Gas 4. Fool proof. Delicious and easy to make, I couldn’t make the paste right and it went a bit lumpy ,I think I needed more milk than 3 tbsp but it didn’t make any difference as it wasn’t lumpy in the finalised cakes, they went down with my children very fast indeed! Can I freeze before or after baking and add icing when ready to serve?--------------------------------------Hi there, it would be best to freeze the cakes after baking without the icing, just make sure they are well wrapped. I've made these cupcakes loads of times. The cake is moist and has a ‘grown-up’ chocolate flavour. Related. I made these yesterday to put in my kids Easter box (not really kids anymore 28,22,21) anyway like a fool I forgot to put butter in ( had put on radiator to speed up softening and forgot it) they STILL TURNED OUT AMAZING and very much healthier too ... well impressed. I soldiered through and it has resulted in delicious cupcakes that don’t quite look like the picture but near enough! Very light and fluffy. Simple, no fuss and taste absolutely fantastic. This is my favourite cupcake recipe and its super easy to! From Grace Age 6I made these for everybody and the cat even ate my crumbs. But they were really delicious and my brother enjoyed them the most! Went down a treat! So NICE, but the mixture was a bit lumpy when me and my made them. This will become your favourite chocolate cake recipe - it is the best! Put a small chocolate egg on each one to decorate, Very light and tasty, so have made another batch today - 18 cupcakes! If I could give it 10 stars without a doubt easy and professional quality, We haven't made it yet WE WILL KNOW SOON!! UN - believable! Almost powdery - not nice at all! This is the highest quality caster sugar available and is a great natural alternative to refined caster sugar. Hi, can I use this recipe to bake one big cake? And very chocolatey. really delicious. . Super quick, no fuss and always delicious! Colossal mess of my oven! They were delicious! The people that put up the bad reviews must have got the recipe wrong! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I changed those slightly ti make them Dairy and gluten free and no one knew, they were gone in about 10 mins! Will it be ok if I don’t have an electric hand whisk_____________________________________________Hello,Converting into cups will be fine. EVER! Lemon drizzle cake another super one, Gonna try this today . YUMMY thank you defiantly making them again. Children will love to decorate with chocolate strands and chocolate decorations. Easy and reliable recipe. So easy!My icing is normally too runny and this recipe was great. Made these with my kids and they are the best cupcakes ever! The icing can be difficult to make just because of the amount of icing sugar, so I use my Kitchenaid to mix it for me! ive started baking because of quarantine everything ive tries has been pretty good but these cupcakes they werent moist or chocolatey, VERYYY tasty, easing and fun to make definitely recommend !, I haven’t made these yet but do you really have to use a specific caster sugar. .... Great recipe although for the icing I found I had to alternate milk with icing sugar or it wouldn’t mix. ?Plz, yay i am only 10 and i could do these in a few minuits, They were super easy to make. It has a warm golden colour from its unrefined nature and is fine grained with a subtle buttery taste, making it perfect for deliciously light sponges, shortbread and macaroons. I forgot to sift the icing so it was a bit lumpy but I kept whisking and turned out perfect in the end. Tastes lovely, but it didn’t tell us to grease the edges so it was a bit of a fail! Break the chocolate into pieces and gently heat with the cream in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water for about 10 minutes or just until the chocolate has melted, stirring occasionally. Brilliant cupcakes. I’m making them today and I hope they taste good. Would it be ok to use normal caster sugar or would that not work the same?________________________________________________Hello,Yes, substituting caster for golden caster would work fine.Happy Baking! Cakes are moist and delicious.This recipe has become a cupcake staple in my family.Definitely recommend. (but would pop them in for 15 mins instead of 12 mins), I am only 9 but I easily made them all by myself. Filled the cases to the top thought mixture was too runny but they’ve turned out amazing , Hated this recipe I’ve tried this twice and both times mine came out burnt and the cake just stuck to the cases not impressed. You forgot to add the baking powder In you video ... good job I checked the ingredients!! If making for adults I always add a bit of Baileys which works really well. Peace outxoxo. I loved baking these cupcakes as a surprise for my mum and dad absolutely fantastic recipe, These came out absolutely awesome , beautiful flavours and so easy to make ! 100%100, Amazing im only 9 they were so fun i added sweets to the middle!Madeleine (9). We’d love to pop into your email inbox every week with inspiring recipes, cookbook news and foodie give-aways. This was delicious it was amazing I love this recipe . Mary berry s very best chocolate fudge cake by chocolate cake the hy foo the best cake recipes woman home. I highly recommend this recipe especially for beginners. I did think i needed more water to mix into the cocoa to make a smooth paste because mine was quite dry and just about came together. love this recipe ! Do Nothing: Before stirring, let the warm cream and chocolate sit in the bowl for a few minutes. , Delicious cupcakes ! My tip would be don’t UNDER fill the cupcakes definitely only make 12. The kitchen smelled divine while they were baking! For the icing and filling, pour the double cream into a saucepan and place over a medium heat until … Hi can you use Demerara sugar for this recipe?________________________________________________Hello,You could use whatever sugar you have, using Demerara sugar will change the texture of the cupcakes though.Happy baking! Wouldn’t normally put them in the fridge but there’s milk and butter in the icing.... ‍♀️ Any ideas? They also sink a lot on taking out of the oven, almost like they are too dense ________________________________________________Hello,If they sink after taking them out of the oven I would suggest that they are not baked enough. Very delicious cupcakes. The best cupcakes I've ever made! Extremely easy to follow and a new favorite. Omg the most moist, chocolate, cupcakes I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I’ve used normal sugar and beaten by hand in one bowl they’ve come out fine. But I recommend setting the temperature to 180 degrees Celcius in fan ovens as they can get a little burnt. Wish I could add a picture, but make 24 with this recipe not 12. Sandwich the cakes together and use a small palette knife to smooth the icing on the top. I would recommend you try it!!! Tasty, yummy and totally worth the calories. amazing the cake is so moist and chocolatey they are the best cakes i have ever maid. Very easy to make with my 5yr old, very light and fluffy. Gorgeous recipe, I find mixing up the Cocoa and water in a small bowl first until soft before you add to mixer makes a big difference. Made these for the second time. WELL DONE XX. This cupcake recipe is amazing! But as so as I used the whisk, it fluffed up. They have a very soft middle but that is the best part! Great for beginner and more experienced bakers. I lowered the temp by 20 degrees for the fan and they were nowhere near cooked in the 12-15 minute time frame. We didn't use the butter cream but it tasted yummy without it. Still turned out lovely tho ________________________________________________Hello,It's really important to make sure that the paste is smooth and without any lumps before adding to the rest of the ingredients. im only 11 but i thought it was SUPER easy !!!! Delicious. Best cupcakes only 7 and delicious and delightful!!!! disgusting cakes why would anybody like these. . Mary Berry trained at The Cordon Bleu in Paris and Bath School of Home Economics. Although the batter was a bit too runny even after adding only 2 eggs, not sure where I went wrong but would still highly recommend them! Wonderfully easy chocolatey fairy cakes. Mary Berry, queen of cakes and Great British Bake Off judge, presents 250 classic recipes – this is the only baking cookbook you'll ever need. Just piped a star on each and had quite lot of icing left over. It's a really good recipe and recommended it to anyone who likes chocolate and baking! I'd probably add chocolate chips too as it's not actually all that chocolatey, but that's just preference. So easy to make and the result is a perfectly moist and delicious sponge. I also found that for the icing, I had to alternate adding a bit of icing and a bit of milk, to make it easier to mix up. one thing i'd say is that the instructions were not very clear but im still so excited !!!! The cupcakes were so light and fluffy and they weren't dry whatsoever!!! Ive always been the worst baker but these turned out perfect. Found the paste didnt really mix in completey but they tasted really nice and moist. Mar 9, 2020 - Due to popular demand here is the recipe for Mary Berry's Chocolate Tray Bake (from the Mary Berry Ultimate Cake Book). It was easy and delicious. They tasted really great they just didn't come out the way I wanted them to come out . Latest; Mary Berry Ultimate Fudge Cake. Using fairy cake cases will mean that you will make smaller cakes so you will need to adjust the time you bake the cakes to avoid overbaking.You can whisk by hand instead of using a handheld machine.Hope this helpsHappy Baking! I use dairy free margarine due to allergies here and they are always delicious. I recommend you try the best buns ever! Beat together the eggs, flour, caster sugar, butter and baking powder until smooth in a large mixing bowl. I have made this recipe over 10 times and I'm only 9! I didn’t use caster sugar as I didn’t have any, so I used normal white sugar and they still turned out perfect!! I cant understand the people that have left a negative review. Get our latest recipes straight to your inbox every week. My mum once tried it and she'd put the cupcakes in the oven and they got undercooked! In my humble opinion, there's too much egg in it. i was just wondering, would this recipe be okay for a sandwich cake?_______________________________________________Yes, you could make this into a 7" sandwich cake you will need to bake for slightly longer though in the oven. The cake can be frozen (iced or un-iced) for up to 1 month. best cupcakes we've ever eaten. I also recommend doubling the mixture and making a two teird cake as I did for my mums birthday. To make the icing, warm the apricot jam in a very small pan, then spread a little over the base of one cake and the top of the other. Its not greatly seasonal, although a good cupboard sourced cake… I’m only 10 and these were amazing and I don’t really like cake (but I love to bake) These look really nice too, Great recipe definitely recommend it. Excellent cupcakes. To make the frosting, melt the butter, then pour into a bowl.