If you have been looking for very long, it’s a fair bet you have found nearly as many opinions on what makes a good seat as there are riders and seats. Custom Designed Seat Covers: Graphics - Names - Logos - Custom Stitching - Seat Contouring & Alterations - Gel Pack Installation - Color/Design to match your paint job Spend half the cost of a new seat and get exactly what you want! Two generations of visco-elastic memory foam have been developed, both are an open cell foam. There is no magic to this, just playing around with different materials to find what works best. Some manufacturers are experimenting with molded seat covers, where the vinyl cover is vaccumed into the mold to act as a mold release and foam is poured into the cover. The customer has incorporated a turned down rim round the edges, which makes it easier to upholster. Anything from a dinky little solo seat or retro chopper or custom king & queen, if you can communicate what you want, we’ll make it. Three basic types, open cell, closed cell, and visco-elastic memory foam. During  this stage ,we actively adjust the shape of each layer to finish the seat back to its original shape. $36.99. We use up to seven different hardnesses of foam in a seat. Remove the two mounting bolts, then push down on the lowest part of the seat, near the front. If so, you may be wrong. For example, you might need a new seat if your old one begins to deteriorate after years of use, sustains damage in an accident, or is too low, too high, too angled, or too uncomfortable in some other way. Here's the newest modification of the original seat-post. for Custom Seat Services / Sargent Cycle Products Foam alteration is a great way to customize your bike and, in many cases, it can improve comfort. What can I say, the girls do like to play on seats with vibe-riders! We begin placing the memory foam in the space, adjusting each layer for the given riders weight and build. Including making solos from 2up seats or 2 ups from solos. With this post I’ll try to inspire cafe racer enthusiast to start working on their own Low Budget Cafe Racer.. Café racers come in a lot of different setups and prices, from bikes under $1000 and even up to $60,000 (like the CX500 Café Racer from Sacha Lakic).I think it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars, so we’ll hook you up to the bare essence of building a cafe racer. We have to charge more for glued down covers and seats attached with rivets. We have removed dozens of these. It fits the shape of the pressure applied and doe not return pressure like regular open cell foam. Everybody seems to be using some super special exotic gel like, super atomic gel, impact gel, saddle gel, butt buffer, butt buddy, skwoosh, gel seat, gseat, blue diamond, pro pad, super comfort gel pad, comfort max, and so on and so forth. Below we have a couple of pictures (top and bottom of a custom seat pan) showing "how not to do it" if it can easily be avoided. A viscoelastic polymer gel, originally designed to simulate body fat.  Very temperature sensitive, effective padding only when applied to the surface of the existing seat foam, offering minimal deflection. A rim round the base will solve this problem. Or, we make adjustments to the shape to finish the seat with changes that make the rider more comfortable. It can work, just not for everybody. This normally saves a lot of time, and has excellent results. This is better than no rim at all! But it is not the ideal base for a decent looking seat, as it will cause problems when foamed and covered, and it takes longer and costs more to do. But, It was still too "tall" for her, so I … For the stock original cover to work on this seat it has to be modified as well. Closed cell foam retains air inside the structure of the foam. Seat Order Form; On the Road; Seat Modifications The motorcycle seats that come stock with new cycles are made to suit the look and price of the bike, rather than the needs of the rider, making "biker butt" a common topic of conversation in the motorcycle community. Like you said "you'll figure it out" . We removed this plate before trimming by drilling out the rivets, and replaced it afterwards. We have done hundred’s of stock replacement style covers as well as repairing more than we can count. We do high quality marine vinyl covers in exotic patterns and multiple colors – usually preferred on a daily rider. All of these sound very cool, except they are all the same. Astech Comfort Inserts use only second generation memory foam. After altering the rear subframe of the bike to the shape he wanted, he started with the original seat, cut it to fit the shape of his new rear subframe, and made up an extra section out of wood. The frame should exactly fit under the driver seat depending on the model. Many people who are making a "special" come to us with what is basically a flat piece of metal or fibreglass, normally cut to the shape they require, and often with the rear part bent up a bit to provide some kind of a bum stop. Put the seat back on the bike and reinstall the rear bolt behind the passenger seat. Since you have found our site, chances are good you are looking for a one of a kind improvement in the comfort of your motorcycle seat. Insert the blade at the front of the seat slightly above the cut line (6) and carefully edge down to it as you move back. You have to keep the nose of the seat pinned while you rotate the back end in … WHAT can we do? Professional Cost – $300-750. Made by Check Corporation. Basic black leather, premium leather in multiple shades, made like stock or otherwise, with inlaid designs, stitched patterns or embossed logos or designs. Front or rear only or 2 up. By making this base the way it is, the time and cost of foaming and trimming it was about three times a normal one. The finished seat is also shown below, it looks deceptively simple! Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Water Fillable Cooling Down Seat Pad,Pressure Relief Ride Motorcycle Air Cushion Large for Cruiser Touring Saddles by Hommiesafe(Black) 4.1 out of 5 stars 880. Take advantage of an already-working motorcycle and chop it to taste. Put the end of the tender plug somewhere its easy to access – under the passenger seat, for example – … When putting on a seat cover using staples, you normally put the first ones in and adjust the cover to get it square etc, particularly if it is has a pattern on it, and then take the first few staples out and replace them as they are unlikely to be in exactly the right place. A Brief Guide to Making a Custom Motorcycle Seat from Scratch, Click HERE for the Main Information Page for Elite Comfort Seats and Upholstery. Open cell means the foam breaths or rather air moves in and out when pressure is applied or released. DIY Solo Seat Install. Single or dual temperature controls A plastic trim can be put on the edge of the base before the cover is put on, this will help but not eliminate this problem. Next we insert our Astech Gel in the bottom of the seat, something impossible with flat gel pads. Off with its cover! Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad Large for Cruiser Touring Saddles 15" x 13.5" x 2.4" DIY Reupholster Motorcycle Seat As a motorcycle owner, reupholstering the seat is something you may have to do at some point. Metal bases from older bikes normally had this rim, this allowed  the cover to be clipped on in some way from below. DIY Cost – $50-100 for handlebars, $100+ for seat, $300-1,000 for suspension Professional Cost – $200-500 labor, plus the parts Skill Level – Easy for just the bars; moderate if you need new cables, brake lines, or wiring. Many aftermarket seat covers are glued to the foam, Corbin, Mustang and Lepera are usually glued . About Us; Accessories; Contact. If you want to change the look of your bike or you're currently working on a custom chopper or bobber, a solo seat with springs can be a relatively quick and easy face lift for your bike. Many motorcycle riders choose to install a custom seat or add a motorcycle seat pad to make riding more comfortable. This is ok if money is no object, or if the overall style and design of the bike warrants a flat base and that is definitely the shape that is wanted. Many seats believe it or not, are actually domed or convex. Density is separate from hardness.  Foam’s hardness varies from very soft to very firm depending on the amount of hardener mixed in at the time of manufacture. If you are starting absolutely from scratch, if possible you should be aiming to produce a base with a rim round it, whatever the material used. He has turned the rim upwards at the back, which is not ideal, but he is constrained by the early "monoshock" type rear suspension on the Vincent. Skill Level – Moderate; this job requires the removal of various parts. It is very easy to install the pad. THANKS for taking the time to visit our web site, we are happy to have you here. Use the other hand and grab the tail of the seat and pull back/upwards. You have the pan, we fit the foam into a shape you prefer. Your ideas or ours We’ll help you to add that artistic touch that sets your motorcycle apart from all others They also used thin strips of metal or plastic underneath the rivets, to further clamp the seat cover material. We design our sheepskin to be removed or installed in less than 10 seconds and to stay attached when you are off the bike. We have widened seats up to 8 inches. We can re-profile seat foams higher, lower, softer, firmer, gel inserts with non-slip vinyl, colour coded piping rear seats on cruisers restyled wider and deeper for comfort. More can be taken off if the rider needs additional reach. This allows the seat cover to be pulled back on itself before it is fixed on, which is much stronger however it is fixed, and helps stop glue from peeling. At maximum suspension deflection the rear mudguard rises to within a few millimetres of the seat base, so he has had to put the rim upwards rather than downwards to stop the mudguard hitting the rim. Below are two pictures of a customer's custom seat for a Yamaha XT500. The existing seat base will fit the uncut parts of the frame exactly, and also the back of the original petrol tank if that is to be used, so the seat base can just be cut and altered to match the change in the bike frame. Others are pop riveted such as Corbin, Mustang, Lepera, Corbin Gentry. But, there are two patented and effective gel’s currently being manufactured, referred to as column buckling gel. This seat was made for the custom bike "Blackbeard" by Shaw Speed and Custom, a link to the finished bike with the seat fitted is: http://www.shawspeedandcustom.co.uk/bikes/blackbeard. Jan 26, 2016 - Join us at Devitt Insurance as we celebrate our 80th birthday by listing out the top 80 epic motorcycle modifications you can make! We can take a flat base, and come up with what is hopefully a nice result, but it takes longer and you will be paying us more than if it had a little more planning!! This is difficult to do with rivets, as you are unlikely to get the first few in exactly the right place first time, and they are more difficult to remove than staples. We are capable of producing any thing you can imagine in a seat cover, exotics like stingray, alligator or snake. Visit http://TwoWheelObsession.com for all the new content! The idea of having a small windshield sounds nice. "The back of the saddle should be fairly wide and it should be curved, like the shape of a pan, or that old tractor seat," Nafzger explains. We have patterns for Harley Davidson 1981 thru 2010 Ultra Classic FLH seats, several Heritage, Fat Boy and Honda Goldwing. We offer various services which include: • Trimming • Foam reconditioning • Seat … Some facts, some fiction, some trials and some errors presented as hard fast rules that must be strictly applied to every rider and seat made. Most modern seats have the cover stapled on, which is obviously not possible with a metal or fibreglass base. Installation can be done DIY if you know what you’re doing as well. It alleviates seating fatigue by distributing pressure and absorbing impact energy. Glue on it's own is not ideal, as it will peel off with time, no matter how good the glue. You don’t need an Astech comfort insert. The seat is shaped so your weight is dispersed better to get rid of the tailbone issues and help with hot spots. About Us. A cruiser saddle should be a minimum of 12.5 inches wide at the back. Now, you think she can ride an 8 inch wide or less pogo stick around the world for hours on end and not have a legitimate complaint? Below is a custom made (lowered) metal seat base for a Vincent series D Rapide, made from scratch. Several seat makers attach buttons or some type of tie down like Honda Goldwing and many pillow top seats. Secure the seat to the bench (5) so that you can see both sides. If it’s comfort you require then why not look at re-profiling your seats. Each of these is produced in various densities, measured in pounds. We’ll need your inseam to make changes if you are not on your bike with the seat. You are on a motorcycle, so you might as well get more wind in your face. Alternatively the rim sometimes turned back on itself again, so these clips were out of sight. DIY Cost – $190-500. Column buckling gels have the ability to rebound and deflect in response to pressure or loading and absorb vibration. Let’s look at the technology available today…. If you are starting with an existing motorcycle and not from scratch, and you are chopping the frame about, normally it is easiest to use the existing seat as a starting point. The rub: Motorcycle GPS devices are usually quite expensive. There are many ways to modify your new Softail to fit you. Run time should be 5 minutes or less with some downtime between runs. The flat edge of the base will also tend to cut through the seat cover if anything hits it from the side, even fairly gently. This is one of the simplest mods you can do too. If you consider a ride across town riding, skip to custom seat covers. Cost: This depends on the brand and quality, but a decent lever for about $80 is standard. You can now push your new ball & detent pins through the seat mounting points where the bolts used to be. -- The normal way to fix the cover to a metal or fibreglass base is to use pop-rivets. Obviously if plastic or wood can be used, then the cover can be fixed using staples, which is quicker and easier. So how do we get the seat to give us what we want, that nice long, comfortable ride without going numb or burning after an hour or so? That style is known as a "LayBack" seat-post. We use only American Made Sheepskin. Once you know everything fits as it should, remove the pins and … If you are starting with an existing motorcycle and not from scratch, and you are chopping the frame about, normally it is easiest to use the existing seat as a starting point. The laminated layers of foam control the depth the riders sink into the foam. Tilted the wrong way, either pitched forward or backward. Lisyline Motorcycle Seat Gel Pad Shock Absorption Mats Reduce Fatigue Comfortable Soft Cooling Fabric Cushion Blue Cool DIY Saddle (25 x 25 x 2cm) 4.1 out of 5 stars 20. Also, If the edge of the seat pan is further out than the frame rails of the bike, it may also cut into the rider's leg in the event of an accident. It seems like we have done an endless variety of things with seats, from replacing a button to sawing large pieces off of them. Astech Dry Polymer Gel has columns about ¼ inch square, close enough to support an average rider with only one 1 inch layer. A flat metal or fibreglass seat base suffers from the following four issues: --  There is no easy way to fix the seat cover to the base. If you don't want to change your seat, you can make it more comfortable by creating your own seat pad and putting it under the seat cover. -- If the base is flat, these rivets will be probably be visible from the side or back of the bike, and look bad. But no. Once the foam is exposed we remove a large section of the foam from the rider and or passenger’s seating area, to the pan. These problems can be solved by making the seat base out of plastic or wood, so staples can be used, and if possible by putting some kind of a downturned rim around the base. If you want to upholster and cover a custom seat, using some of these ideas will make it much easier and cheaper to trim and finish. In particular with this flat type of base, the cover will go down the side of the foam, and then turn a right angle to go under the base. Compound that by riding style and ride distance and we have a real challenge ahead of us. The existing seat base will fit the uncut parts of the frame exactly, and also the back of the original petrol tank if that is to be used, so the seat base can just be cut and altered to match the change in the bike frame. CDN$ 39.88 CDN$ 39. We have in stock vinyl’s to match most factory seats. The last version turned out to be too high for my diminutive wife. Dozens of times we have made a seat fit bikes they were not intended to fit. That's some interesting stuff (minicell). Spread the applied weight over the greatest possible area, adjust the shape to fit the object, minimize impact & vibration. Seems like it may be an option when my seat starts pissing me off. A glued fixing is much stronger if you can fold the cover back on itself as it goes round the base, ie there needs to be some kind of a rim around the base.. -- The edge of the metal base will show by pushing through the seat cover, because it is harder than the foam above it. In addition, they have riveted on a mounting plate which sticks up at the back of the base, making a neat job of trimming it almost impossible. Alaska Leather-Pillion motorcycle seat is 100% sheepskin. The laminated layers of foam control the depth the riders sink into the foam. ... Keep the original parts in case you don’t like the modification, or to use as a backup in case of breakdown. With this modification we re-shape the seat based on the rider's height and weight. It is very temperature sensitive, thus the name Tempurpedic. Metal bases can easily be cut and welded, and it is actually just as easy to do this with plastic bases. We’ll ask your height and weight. This seat pan was purchased by a customer from a custom bike parts manufacturer in Germany, designed to fit one of their custom frames, and it really does look like a bit of an afterthought. Not only is the seat pan basically flat, and also made of fibreglass, but the edge of the fibreglass varies in thickness from a few millimetres for most of it, to about ten mm on a couple of thicker parts (this is difficult to see in the photos). Simply strap it onto the seat. Often we can widen your seat up to 2 inches without replacing the cover or over stressing the fabric – dependent on seat design. This is easily cut and can often be bent into a new position or shape. Many seats have a sharp drop off in this area. NEW Modification - HD Ultra D&B added 07/2019. Nafzger points to an old metal tractor seat and explains the ideal saddle shape. There was then some kind of a trim fixed on to cover the clips. If you look at any manufacturer's motorcycle seat base, either metal or plastic, it has a down turned rim around the edge. This modification can lower the riding position and move the rider's riding position back to where it is very similar to a Street Glide or Road Glide custom seat. Dishing or making them concave will make a significant improvement in rider comfort. Most are made of polypropylene (PP). Many times removing ½ inch from this area will help a great deal. RIGHT DOWN ON BARE METAL! Intended for "vertically challenged" individuals. We begin placing the memory foam in the space, adjusting each layer for the given riders weight and build. It also hides any fixings from view, and means that if the seat is hit from the side, the base will not cut through the seat cover, nor the rider's leg. How to make a custom metal seat pan for Matt's 1852 DKW RT125 bobber. The second generation is much less sensitive to temperature and made of 40% plant based ingredients. Sargent Cycle Products is pleased to offer limited foam alterations to stock and aftermarket motorcycle seats. The firmness of the foam helps control the rate of gel deflection. Motorcycle Modification Large Twist Oil Perspective Bearing Color Roller Grip Cover off-Road Motorcycle Fuel Dispenser Seat Large Twist Oil US $22.86 - 27.24 / Piece US $24.84 - 29.60 / Piece It will lower the rider anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inches and move the rider back from 1/2 inch to 3 inches it all depends on the rider's height and weight.