Edexcel GCE Core Mathematics C1 Advanced Subsidiary Differentiation and Integration 1 Materials required for examination Items included with question papers Mathematical Formulae (Pink or Green) Nil Calculators may NOT be used in this examination. For further samples and more information please visit www.integralmaths.org Mr P Ross 5th Nov 2020 Flag Comment. Subscribing to A level resources. Although you can say that a concave down is the same as concave up, I believe that just saying 'concave' means the 2nd derivative is negative. The below are sample documents from Integral. MEI pure maths AS (Year 1) video tutorials. Differentiation, finding gradient, Finding differentials of trigonometrical functions, finding second derivative. I feel that these are the wrong way round on slide 37. A Level (Edexcel) All A level questions arranged by topic. MEI's virtual learning environment, Integral, contains extensive resources to support the teaching and learning of many mathematics courses, including A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics (in all specifications) and Core Maths. Integral. But this isn’t the answer as the right hand side contains a y. Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR, these comprehensive assessments are perfect for topic tests, homeworks and revision. Pearson Education accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or method of working in the answers given. Edexcel AS Maths: Pure exam revision with questions, model answers & video solutions for Differentiation. Made by expert teachers. Questions are taken from the pre 2010 exam papers. This series of A Level assessments and answers covers core maths, decision maths, further pure, mechanics and statistics. We need to rewrite cosy in terms of x. View the index which contains links to video tutorials covering the specification. Each topic has an Overview section and up to 4 content sections. Answers without working may not gain full credit. Additional Mathematics Differentiation 1 of 5 05/06/13 © MEI Topic assessment 1 Find the gradient function of the following. (i) yx 3 4 [2] (ii) y x x 4 2 532 [3] In addition, there is an ‘Introduction and overview’ section. Your road to success. The New 2017 A level page Formula Book All C1 Revsion Notes All C2 Revsion Notes All C3 Revsion Notes All C4 Revsion Notes Integral also contains many interactive resources which are designed to be used on screen. Edexcel AS Maths: Pure exam revision with questions, model answers & video solutions for Applications of Differentiation. Made by expert teachers. I have a comment on concave/convex. Great slides, thank you. The Integral Mathematics Resources website uses the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is an open- ... EdExcel C3 has topics Algebra and functions, Numerical methods, Trigonometry, and Differentiation. In order to do this we use the well-known trig identity: sin2 y + cos2 y = 1: We rearrange this identity to get: cosy = q 1 sin2 y: But from equation (1) we know that x = siny. Integration math tests for Foundation mathematics.