Arg! Once everything is all mixed up, transfer your cleansing oil to a 50mL (1.69fl oz) bottle. Humblebee & Me is an Amazon Associate and earns income from qualifying purchases. Because of the stunning colour I highly recommend packaging this in a clear or frosted bottle so you can really enjoy it; I used a 50mL (1.69fl oz) frosted glass bottle from New Directions Aromatics with a treatment pump top, and I think it looks amazing! I love it how all over the world, people are reading other people’s mind in the DIY world! But I can never leave well enough alone so I played with it a bit. Required fields are marked *. take good care to try to make it a cross between the Klay Balm and Oil Cleanser. This maybe just what they need. Sign up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter to get more recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your inbox! Absorbency Speed Fast and …, I’ve written an entire blog post on this 2 84 48 Want more awesome recipes?Sign up for the Humblebee …. I don’t have olivem 300 or polysorbate 80. similar to what you mentioned in the video for the oat bath & body oil, thank you for all the thing you do! She wants me to make her something to help. Or did I heat it too long? Thank you for your wonderdul recipe ! I find the creamy consistency of this cleansing oil more user friendly then liquid cleansing oil and will be adding emulsifiers to all my cleansing oils from now on. ), but I’m still not sure what’s going on. Hi Marie, is there any way to use polyglucose in place of polysorbate in this recipe? Cool isn’t it? 0.45g | 1% natural mango fragrance oil. Jun 8, 2017 - I might as well own up to it and declare my solemn love for cleansing oils. I’m so happy that I found them. Marie, I followed your advice and got Polysorbate 80 and ewax but my oil got all jello like after it completely cooled. If possible, I’ll share my results with pictures online. Thanks a lot for sharing the brilliant idea of making the oil more easier to use. Transfer it to your jar and leave the balm to set up. Also I purchased some olivem300 that is solid flakes, have you seen this product? I wanted to make her your coco-mango balm but then realized that maybe due to the type of setting she is in a balm where she is dipping her fingers into might contaminate the balm but I figured it she used this after she washed her hands and they are still a bit wet that is can turn into a lotion right in her hands and be able to be put in a squeeze bottle. [sorry for spamming you with questions, i’m just loving your site so much and am slowly working my way through a large chunk of your recipes. Would this be a good place to add some glycolic acid or fruit acid complex for someone fighting acne? I was just going over this recipe again, as I had made it before slightly modified and need to make more. Happy making! Because this cleansing oil does not contain any water, it does not require a broad-spectrum preservative (broad spectrum preservatives ward off microbial growth, and microbes require water to live—no water, no microbes!). A titch of impossibly orange sea buckthorn fruit oil gives this cleansing oil its colour (don’t worry, it won’t stain your skin! Maybe? The addition of an emulsifier allows us to blend the cleansing oil with a splash of water in our hand and watch it become all white and creamy (magic! Do you know any supplier in USA. Mine went milky and quite thick, like custard almost, and that was an issue because I had it in pump bottles. ), and since I figured that vitamin c of the hibiscus should shine through quite nicely (hopefully), added in some sea buckthorn fruit oil as I have to use up some, added in some sea buckthorn extract as well and gave it a go. Set the measuring cup on the counter and stir the mixture with a flexible silicone spatula to combine everything. Once properly preserved I’m sure it’ll do fine as a shake-before-using thing, and it shouldn’t foam up much (if at all) given the low water content. There is a thick glob of Cleanser sitting at bottom. Sign up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter to get more recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your inbox! Cécile. Cleansing Water Oil. … Continue reading → Jul 7, 2020 - Today we’re blending up a Cream Silk Cleansing Balm that I’m really quite proud of. And the rest is the same. And like you have said, this is a good way to use those a bit older oils. It was vaguely inspired by a storebought cleansing balm that I recently tried + a need for a really effective waterproof makeup removing product. The soothing series, for instance, has loads of awesome goodies in it that should really help with acne by moisturizing the skin & strengthening the acid mantle/barrier. Weigh all the ingredients into a small heat-resistant glass measuring cup or beaker and stir to combine. I know! Help, in the uk we cannot get the cromollient at all. That ability to get along well with both sides of the oil/water divide means Cromollient SCE gives this cleansing oil beautiful wash-off; after you massage it into your skin it will happily and easily rinse off when you introduce water (I like to do this in the form of a damp microfibre cloth). Remove it from the ice bath and weigh in the cool down phase, stirring to combine. The bulk of any cleansing oil is going to be inexpensive, light to medium weight oils (if you have some carrier oils that are on the verge of going rancid, cleansing oils are often a great place to use them up as you’ll motor through the product if you use it twice a day).