PRESTIGE UV lamps thanks to their groundbreaking technology as well as components of the highest quality provide a long-term, safe and effective sun-kissed look so much wanted and sought in the market. Unique mixtures of noble-gases which proportions are the company’s closely guarded secret – high quality Japanese phosphorous, innovative constructions of electrodes, advanced Cooling System and Blue Glass technology (responsible for quality and clarity of the glass from the USA). All of it makes stand out from other brands ensuring unseen obsolescence and stability of the parameters.

We primarily focus on continuous improving quality of our products, therefore each lamp before being assembled, is being worked up with every detail according to the newest technological processes on the basis of the future application and market expectations. Every product is going through many laboratory and in-field tests in order to achieve the highest quality and safety level possible while using the UV lamps.

Visual aspect, apart from exceptional technical specification, is one of the key questions when it comes to picking a product. This is where PRESTIGE comes into play. Their UV lamps’ ends stay clean during exploitation putting the brand among the top class products also within this category PRESTIGE UV lamps follow constantly changing market trends and demand therefore aside from the best-sellers such as Brown Silver, Gold, Diamond and Exclusive Power Gold, the brand is continuously enhancing its other products. NewBrown3 has achieved the maximum irradiation power – 0.3W/m2 simultaneously giving the sun-like tan. The best evidence, apart from numerous laboratory tests, is a constantly-increasing number of satisfied clients what makes PRESTIGE a strongly customer-focused brand.